Is getting out of the bath becoming a worry?

If you need or are looking for help with getting in and out of your bath, then look no further The Bath-Knight is the perfect solution for anyone with bathing difficulties, and built to last years.

Invented over 20 years ago based on the concept of the bath board, the Bath-Knight was the first belted bath lift on the market and is still by far the best, it’s unique motor takes over the Saddleband at the top of the bath making it taut, which keeps it firm for you to get on and off with ease.

Once comfortable on the Saddleband, simply press the down button on either the remote or the unit to be gently lowered to the very bottom of the bath allowing you to completely relax in safety and enjoy a deep therapeutic soak.

When you have finished bathing, the Bath-Knight will retract back into the unit bringing you to the top of the bath once more so that you can step out with ease.

As the manufacturers of The Bath-Knight deluxe bath lift we can offer you the Bath-Knight at a considerably lower price.

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Once the saddleband is taut at the top of the bath, simply sit on.

The Bath-Knight is designed on the concept of the old fashioned bath board and once the saddleband (or belt) is at the top of the bath the unit will take over and make the saddleband taut so that it is firm for you to get on.

Getting in the bath using Bath-Knight bath lift


Make yourself comfortable and then at the touch of a button lower yourself to the bottom of the bath.

As soon as you are ready either press the down button on the unit or on the remote control to gently lower yourself to the bottom of the bath, you can adjust yourself at any point to make sure you are comfortable.


Once at the bottom of your bath relax and bathe as normal.

This is what it is all about – relaxing at the very bottom of your bath with nothing in the way to stop you from a deep soak. This is what Bath-Knight was invented for.


After you have finished bathing simply press the up button and the Bath-Knight will return you safely to the top of your bath.

When you are completely relaxed and rejuvenated just press the up button on the unit or remote control and the Bath-Knight will ease you out of the water to the top again, as soon as the saddleband is taut at the top of the bath again you can get off with ease.

Bath Knight